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Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions that I have received.  Please take a few moments to browse through this page and try to gather as much information as possible before contacting me.  Nine times out of ten, the answers you are looking for can be found right here.

What makes you different from your competitors?

My goal is to make Wedding Videography affordable, and not just a luxury that most people cannot afford.  I believe that my videos aren't just a video of your wedding, but rather a story about the love shared between two people, one that should be shared with future generations.

Will I be able to preview my video before it is delivered?

Of course!  Once again, I cannot emphasize enough that this is a collaborative effort!  Without your input every step of the way, the end result becomes less about you.  I strive for much more than that!  I will be more than happy to upload a high-definition preview of your video to YouTube (unlisted unless you specify otherwise) before I deliver your DVD!



How does the payment process work?

Due to the amount of planning and detailed work that goes into the creative process, I ask that you provide me with a $100 deposit up front to reserve the date for your Wedding.  The remaining balance will be due the day of the Wedding.  If payment is not received, your finished product will not be provided until payment is made in full.


What forms of payment do you accept?

PayPal payments are by far the easiest way to pay your balance.  However, I also take cash and major credit cards.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the expected turnaround time for my video?

Currently, the expected turnaround time is approximately 4-6 weeks.  I will do everything possible to ensure that your video is delivered to you in a timely manner, but I refuse to sacrifice quality in the process!  Obviously, some projects will take longer than others, and I appreciate your patience as I deliver on my promise to provide you with quality videos!

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